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"8 issues that public polling shows New York voters care about most" 

YES to increasing public safety!

CRIME: Many residents of the Lower East Side still remember the past corruption of the 9th Precinct, the Tompkins Square Park Police Riots and the crackdowns on free assembly. Yet, many residents tell me that they feel unsafe and want to move forward and improve relations with the NYPD. I support Gun Control and enforcing laws already on the books such as maximum speeds for motorized E-bikes.

YES to protecting small businesses, home owners and tenants!


INFLATION: City Hall holds a big responsibility for the high cost of living by supporting a pro-wealthy economic policy that benefits a few. The result is sky high rents and increased cost of daily necessities. A small business economy must replace the trickle down economy. Our most vulnerable residents need social safety nets now more than ever.


YES to protecting our environment and green spaces!

NO to destroying parks and open spaces.

GREEN SPACES: The City must stop treating trees like disposable decorations and stop chopping down mature trees that give life to our neighborhoods. The Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardeners (LUNGS) program, Garden's Rising, needs their funding restored. This is a crucial community-led program to reduce stormwater flooding by building green infrastructure in community gardens. City Council needs to host an oversight hearing to investigate the tree work permit process, which authorized 1000 mature trees in East River Park to be chopped down.


NO to backroom deals with developers and their proxies.

NO to transferring public spaces to private hands.

NO to unlimited “open restaurants”.


PROTECTING DEMOCRACY: Endorsements reveal lobbyists’ access to City Council members who approve lobbyist-created rezonings and legislation despite the majority of residents who voice their dissent and offer alternative plans in public hearings. Public servants must be held accountable & serve residents not lobbyist agendas.


YES to legislation for truly affordable housing!

NO to forced Rezoning of our neighborhoods.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Developers are abusing "affordable housing" to get rich. I support legislation to create and preserve 100% affordable housing based on the income of the neighborhood. The City also needs to create affordable home ownership opportunities to encourage residents to stay as long-term residents.

YES to helping the unhoused!

HOMELESSNESS: The City needs to prioritize couples and families, especially children, as well as with pets or service animals. Homelessness caused by mental health and addiction need supportive and transitional housing. 

NO to discrimination and steps backwards towards racism.

RACIAL INEQUALITY: Racial inequality is a horrible reminder of an unjust past and a battle that must continue as long as systemic and individual prejudices can negatively affect one another’s lives. Unfortunately hate crimes and racially motivated assaults are up. We need to unite with our neighbors. I stand firmly against any injustice and obstacle to true equality. 

YES to Women's reproductive health!

ABORTION: I support the right to have an abortion. I support Planned Parenthood of Greater New York's mission to provide free or low cost abortions, gynecological and obstetrics services.

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